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Live Conditions Jacksonville Beach
Air Temp 64.9°F (18.3°C)
Water Temp 57.0°F (13.9°C)
Winds 5.1 knots
NNW (330°)
Tides L 2:18
H 8:22 L 2:37
H 8:40

Casino Cruise Boat Catches Fire

Victory Casino Cruise Boat makes a U-Turn – Back to Port
It was just another day for 911 Surf Report, investigating waves and surfers, it’s what we do, it’s our daily business. Occasionally something out of the ordinary comes up thats worth reporting as well. On the morning of 10-03-2014 we noticed the Victory Casino Cruise leaving out of Mayport. It wasn’t long when we saw the boat offshore & smoking badly. Minutes later she had turned around and was heading back to the docks. Later we logged into My Florida to view the live streaming action on the Mayport Cam. The Mayport Cam, hosted by Safe Harbor Seafood Market & Restaurant , was up and running and it was clear that the JFRD had everything under control. In the end, it appears to have been a minor incident. We certainly hope everyone is safe and back on dry land. Hopefully, the Victory Casino Cruise will have everything cleaned up and be back in business ASAP!
Click here to see the Live Mayport Village Cam
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Quick Vid of JFRD investigating the fire.

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